Large wholesale outlet stores are buying the present stock from other retailers who are trying to unload all of their analog cameras to make way for the new wave of digital cameras that are more affordable and easier to install than present day digital cameras like IP and SDI.

The new revolution of security cameras cost almost the same as regular security cameras but gives you the quality of HD digital security cameras without the hassle of changing wiring when upgrading. You can upgrade your poor quality security camera system to high definition digital cameras that can view cars, doors, cash registers, and faces using a revolutionary affordable technology known as HD-CVI. Unlike today's' high definition security cameras that need specialized wiring like Cat5 or short runs of high grade coaxle, HD-CVI allows you to use any previous wiring you've used to connect your present security cameras either it will be a wiring that comes in a security camera kit or network wiring with analog connectors(baluns). Also, it will work with cable runs as long as 1,500 ft where the newest generation of replaceable security cameras(HD-SDI) and ip cameras can only give you a digital signal up to 330 ft.

Almost every convenience store and gas station has a low quality analog security camera system but very few are able to afford high quality digital cameras that can view license plates from cars or distinguish tattoos and facial features of crime suspects. Also, there are lots of home owners and apartment complexes owners that purchased regular security cameras only to found out that they have to live with the quality limitations especially when they take into account the cost of upgrading their systems to digital cameras.

The new HD-CVI cameras must be used with new HD-CVI DVR’s (recorders). They can use the same hard drives as their old systems and viewing, controlling and online playback is secure and easily accessible from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. We all know that homes, hotels, gas stations, convenient stores as well as other small businesses can all benefit from upgrading their cameras to the soon to be HD standard for security cameras because of the cost of equipment and the much lower cost of labor when it comes to replacing old security cameras with HD-CVI security camera systems. The new revolution in security cameras is here and they are more affordable than ever.

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At Source, you’ll find a vast selection of network (IP) and CCTV security camera systems. What’s unique about us is that we offer pre-configured as well as custom-designed security systems for every need and budget. Among our specialties include integrating HD quality surveillance cameras with NVRs and provide an end-to-end professional security solution for your recording solutions, wireless networking, and other essential surveillance technologies to business.

Curious about IP surveillance? We have the skills and expertise to create custom IP camera systems for any project, large or small. Our IP surveillance systems give you the ability to view live camera feed from your smartphone or tablet device at all times, so you’re never tethered to the actual camera location. You can learn more about mobile surveillance by reaching out to one of our IP video experts today.

Our  IP video experts know what type of cameras work best in protecting your property and keeping criminals at bay. When it comes to strengthening business security, we can match you with a cost-effective surveillance system that integrates easily with your company’s existing IT infrastructure so you’re not inconvenienced. Whether you need an employee monitoring system or want to catch shoplifters in the act, we will ensure your business ends up with the most optimal security system available.

We’re no stranger to the city’s unusually cold winters and extremely hot and humid summers. Fortunately, our extensive range of weather-proof outdoor IP surveillance cameras offer unshakable security regardless of the temperature. Many of these well-armored cameras are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of North Dakota weather, including exceedingly low and high temperatures. You can search our complete line of outdoor surveillance cameras by calling or sending us a quick message.

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Have you ever wonder why the cost of regular security cameras are going down? Customers can now get a high resolution analog security camera system from any big box stores like Sams and Costco at half the price from the price a year ago. What has changed ? Well, affordable digital cameras has changed the landscape. 

The Secret Is Out, HD-CVI Security Cameras Rule Now